Customer Retention Tactics For Your Apparel Ecommerce Business

Customer Retention Tactics For Your Apparel Ecommerce Business

Customer Retention Tactics For Your Apparel Ecommerce Business

Any business will agree that they would do anything to retain their beloved customers and to keep them coming back. There are several benefits that comes from customer retention, such as the possibility of selling to a returning customer can reach up to 70%. Not to mention, 80% of the businesses revenue usually comes from returning customers. Whereas, new customers only account for 20%-30% of the business revenue. It is the same when it comes to the online apparel industry. The up side to customer retention is, when customers are coming back to you, they’ll be able to give you useful information on improving your business or even launching new products. Customer retention is one thing no business would ever overlook. ┬áhere are some effective strategies to help your business retain its customers:

Develop Customer Loyalty Programs

Getting new customers to buy from your site is not easy, but retaining one is not any easier either. Businesses work very hard everyday to come up with ways to retain their customers. Winning a customers trust can sometimes be challenging and costly, so why not develop a strategy that will work for the business? A customer loyalty program is a great way to get your customers to come back and purchase from you again and again. Though some people might say that this technique has been over used, there is no doubt that it can help a business retain its customers. Its as simple as offering your customers a little exclusivity when purchasing from your business. For example, with the customer loyalty program you could offer returning customers an extra 5%-10% on their next purchase from your business. Or you could also make it a points system, where when customers make a purchase from you they will be automatically collecting points, and from there use these points to redeem vouchers that can be used to purchase products. This strategy in other words is rewarding your customers for their loyalty to your business.

Personalized Retention Emails

One of the most effective ways of getting your customers to come back, is through emails. This is one of the most effective strategies to retain your customers. All businesses today communicate through email, whether it be big or small. For this reason email marketing still remains an important marketing tool for your business. According to a report by Small Business Trends, 80% of businesses to rely on email marketing to maintain customer retention. Most of the times these emails are deleted before they are read by the receivers, unfortunately. However, there is a way you can avoid receivers from deleting the email right away or marking them down as junk emails. Personalize the emails that you send to your customers. Do not just send out the same email to all your customers. As not all of them have the same interests. By applying this to your email marketing strategy, it will do wonders for your online apparel business. Another way of personalizing an email is by addressing your customers by their names. Instead of starting your emails with “Hi!”, you could instead add your customers name’s (e.g “Hi John” and “Hi Annie”). By doing this, you are making the customers feel how important they are and close they are to the business. At the end of the day, retention emails plays a great role in customers remaining loyal to your apparel business.

Why customers may not be clicking on your emails.

Simplify The Registration Process

The only reason why customers tend to step away from registering for an account on your website is probably because of the process. Customers often find this process tedious and ignores it. But, we are all aware that it would be much easier to retain customers of they were to sign up. So, how do you get your customers to sign up? It is important that you come up with a strategy to encourage customers to register on your website.

For starters, give your customers an easy to fill registration form. Keep it short and simple, only asking for the most basic details (e.g Name, Address, Email and Telephone Number). Do not forget to mention how signing will help benefit both you and the customer. This will help the customer understand how this process will be of help in the near future. Also, try to make the registration process as interesting as possible! Have links connected to your blog or your social media channels which provide more information on your company and or products.

Reduce The Rate Of Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment happens more often then business owners would like. Even with the use of remarketing tools to reduce the rate of cart abandonment happening, unfortunately it still happens. Businesses charging high prices are one of the main factors as to why customers abandon their carts. Some customers might feel annoyed half way scrolling the website and just leave without making a purchase. There are many other reasons but they do not necessarily force them to abandon their carts. Cross-selling is a great way to reduce cart abandonment for ecommerce apparel businesses. Also, by adding a progress indicator at the check out page you can reduce card abandonment too or put a thumbnail on all the pages until the customer decides to check out. Providing your customers with a variety of payment options can also help with cart abandonment.

Enhance Your Site User Experience

Customer experience plays an extremely important role in customer retention. Without a user friendly site, your business is sure to find it difficult to retain your customers. According to research, around 60% of first time customers will leave the site and not come back if your site lacks a user friendly experience. What you could do is, start by focusing on making your site user friendly instead of making it viewer friendly. Don’t get me wrong, of course your site has to be pleasant to the eyes but making it user friendly triumphs the design any day.

What you could potentially do to improve the user experience is by facilitating faster browsing through the pages. Make the pages light, not heavy and at the same time providing as much product information as you can. Try not to push too many images/content as it can cause the page to take forever to load and can cause the browser to crash on slow computers. In addition, offer your customers some kind of incentive whether it be big or small before asking them to sign up. Without doing so will only cause them to not sign up or drive them away.